Henderson Solar Panels Saving Money

Joe Sullivan

HENDERSON, Tenn.- Solar panels have been placed on top of the Justice Complex in Henderson.

County Mayor Dwain Seaton says the panels will produce electricity and generate $15,000 a year for the county.

A $100,000 state grant from Economic and Community Development
made this possible. The mayor said no tax money was spent on the project.

"Every dollar this will save us will help on our taxes down the road. I mean, it's gonna provide electricity ", Mayor Seaton said.

The electricity produced outside the Criminal Justice Complex does not provide electricity to the building. The location was chosen because of the fence already in place.

Mayor Seaton said, "A lot of people think this is running the jail which it is not."

Solar and Renewable Power Systems is working with other communities in West Tennessee.

"Since Mayor Seaton started this we have talked with the Henderson County mayor for their CJS complex and we have also met with Greenfield," said Eddie Paramore of Solar and Renewable Power Systems.


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