Henry Co. Pair Accused of Stealing Car, Trying to Run Over Sheriff

Heather Mathis

HENRY COUNTY Tenn.- Two men in Henry County are behind bars, accused of stealing a car, then trying to run over Sheriff Monte Belew.

Investigators believe Brandon Gream traded his truck at a car lot, then stole it back, Saturday night. Monday Deputies got word Gream and the car were on Haglersville Road.

Deputies said they thought the situation could be dangerous, because Gream had a history of evading arrest.

"Very dangerous, he doesn't mind running at high speeds and putting other citizens at risk," said Sheriff Belew.

Sheriff Belew said they had blocked both sides of Haglersville Road, and he and two other deputies were outside of their patrol car when Gream approached them in a vehicle.

"I asked him to stop, and he accelerated his speed and nearly ran us over," said Sheriff Belew. "It came right towards us it was get out of the way or get run over," said Sgt. Dennis Vaughan who was also nearly stuck.

Sheriff Belew shot the back tire out of the car and stopped it. Gream and his passenger Marvin Long were both arrested.

Investigators said the car they were in was not the stolen vehicle, it actually belonged to Gream. The stolen car was found on Haglersville Road stripped of its parts. Deputies said they found those parts in Gream's car.

Gream is being charged with driving on a revoked license, theft of property, aggravated assault, evading arrest, and violation of probation. Long is being charged with facilitation of a felon. Both men are currently in Henry County Jail.


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