Henry Co. School Getting New Security System Tied to 911

Cyndi Lundeberg

HENRY CO., Tenn. - In the wake of recent tragic events, the Paris Special School System is doing what they can to make their schools a little more safe.

"Our first priority is taking care of our children and making sure they're safe," said Superintendent Mike Brown of the Paris Special School District.

Staying safe in school is expected to get a lot easier in the city of Paris. The school district and police department have worked out a way that officers can patrol the schools without even stepping foot on the campus.

The Paris Special School District is the first to have school cameras in all three of its schools that are directly connected and monitored by 9-1-1, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"We are very happy we are at the front end of this. We try to be progressive and proactive in how we can provide for the safety of our students."

Henry County dispatch said these cameras will cut down response time and make the giving and receiving of information effortless. The cameras will also help protect law enforcement during school emergency's as well.

"With this type of system we have the potential to be the eyes and ears of the officer," said 911 Dispatcher Mark Rudy.

Superintendent Brown said the cameras can be monitored 24-7 on portable devices, helping to protect the schools from vandalism and break ins even when school is not in session. He said these measures are important because if a child does not feel safe they will not be able to learn.

"You cannot put a dollar amount on what you have to do to protect our children."

The cameras will begin being monitored next month.


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