Henry County Meth Bust Leads to Four Arrests
Modupe Idowu

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. A search of a Henry City home Wednesday by the Henry County Sheriff's Department revealed an active meth lab underneath it. Three adults and a minor were taken in to custody.

Residents in the area say they are shocked after investigators say their neighbors are accused of cooking meth.

Old clothing, beer cans and bottles along with caution tape were seen on the quarantined Henry County home.

"We discovered syringes and burnt spoons, and numerous drug paraphernalia and drug making materials located all throughout the house," said Henry County Sheriff's Department Deputy Jamie Myrick.

Henry County officials told 7 Eyewitness News, an anonymous tip of drug activity lead them to the home Wednesday where they found a suitcase with an active meth lab in the trailer.

With the help of the Metro Crime Unit and 3 local police departments, the Henry County Sheriff's Department arrested and charged 22-year- old Robert Grady and 18-year-old Joshua Vaughn and Kez Graff with manufacturing meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

"We didn't find any evidence that they were actually selling any of the meth they were producing. They were mainly just users, cookers and users," said Myrick.

Next door neighbor Jeff Marcum said, " I'm kind of shocked it's happening in this area out here in Henry. It's surprising to me."

Authorities say the young adults and juvenile used a new and popular method called shake and bake to cook the meth.

"It's quick and easy. It doesn't take very many ingredients to produce the meth, and just about anybody can do it," said Myrick.

Marcum said the meth bust is disheartening.

"I hate to see that happen and I'm glad the sheriff's department is taking some action to try and do something about this because it is not good for our young people, and I hate to see it ruin their life," said Marcum.


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