Henry County Murder Suspects Caught
7 Eyewitness News Staff

PARIS, Tenn. – Five people are now in custody in connection with a murder at a Henry County night club.

The U.S. Marshal Service and the Henry County Sheriff’s Department announced Friday afternoon that Tevin “Jay” Lumpkin and Charles Liphford are now in custody. They were arrested by Marshals and Norfolk police in Virginia. The pair was reportedly leaving the apartment they were hiding out in and followed to a convenience store where the actual arrest was made, Thursday night.

Lumpkin, 20, is charged with first degree murder in the killing of 41-year-old Eric Kinley at Fahrenheit 101 in late August.

Police said Liphford, 32, is charged with weapons violations in connection with the incident. He allegedly displayed a weapon at the club that night.

They are jailed in Virginia while they await extradition.

Additionally, Cody Harmon, 23, of Lexington, was arrested in connection with the murder. He is facing a first degree murder charge in the case. Harmon, who the TBI said is an associate of Lumpkin, was allegedly involved in a fight with the victim when Lumpkin shot Kinley. Harmon is being held in the Henry County Jail.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Jiles Yarbrough, 21, of Huntingdon, was arrested at a probation office in Carroll County, last week. He is also charged with first degree murder.

Additionally, Akilah Williamson, 18, of McKenzie, is charged her with being an accessory after the fact. Officials believe Williamson, who is the girlfriend of Tevin "Jay" Lumpkin, transported Lumpkin out of Henry County after the murder.

Kinley's Family members told 7 Eyewitness News the captures are bringing their family some closure.

"If they've done this once, they can do it again so I'm just glad they are off the streets," said Katrina Teague," it doesn't bring him back but it gives us a closure."


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