Henry County Selling Confiscated Weapons

Empriss Campbell

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. - The Henry County Sheriff's Department and Paris Police Department have confiscated more than 60 guns and now they are auctioning them all on Saturday, 10 a.m. at the Hulume Sporting Goods Store outside of Paris.

"Some of the weapons we have here that we will be auctioning off Saturday come from the drug arrests, drug search warrants some of them may be from a DUI arrests...if the offender has a loaded weapon in his truck," said Sheriff Belew.

This is the first time Henry County has participated in an auction with confiscated weapons. He says all law enforcement agencies in the State of Tennessee are now mandated to sale or use confiscated weapons.

Sheriff Belew said they have already destroyed 15 confiscated guns because they would be illegal to use.

"Weapons that have a purpose or we can put back on to the streets legally he judge has allowed us to auction these off," said Sheriff Belew.

Some residents have differing opinions when they find out weapons seized from law enforcement should be back on the streets.

"Guns like for hunting, non-illegal uses for protection I think they should go back into the system I think we all have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves," said Leilani Dillard.

"If guns have been seized because someone has been involved in illegal activity lets just go ahead and get rid of them there is no need to have them out there," said Robert Jones..

All the proceeds of the gun sales will be split between Paris Police and the Henry County Sheriff's Department and will go towards the anti-drug fund.


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