High Fire Danger Across West TN

Erik Taylor

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. -Cold, dry and windy conditions are creating a fire danger for much of West Tennessee.

A lack of rain adds fuel to the already dangerous situation. Madison County Fire Chief Eric Turner talked about the increase danger across the area and warned for a continuation in potential hazards.

"We got high winds, low humidity. It's all the vegetation is dormant and brown and dead. It's a perfect time for a brush fire to get out a hand," Turner said.

Firefighters warn dry lawns, plants and shrubs are putting West Tennessee homes at risk. According to the fire chief, it is unusual to see these types of conditions for this time of year. Winter is usually a wet month, but for the past few weeks we have been stuck in a dry slump.

Currently, West Tennessee is headed in the direction of a drought. The region is running a deficit of over a quarter of an inch of precipitation which is leading to increased concerns of fire.

As of right now West Tennesseans are being urged to avoid burning any materials outdoors due to the windy and dry conditions.

"We're not issuing permits the last few days due to the high winds and dry conditions," said Turner.

Forecasters say conditions should improve toward the end of the week as warm moist air returns to the region along with the chance for some much needed rainfall.


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