High School Athletes Participate in Special Olympics

NORTH JACKSON -- Special needs students across West Tennessee got to show their skills at North Side High School on Friday.

Students filled both gyms. In one gym, athletes participated in Zumba dancing. In the other gym, carnival style games like beanbag and ring tosses, throwing a football through a tire and more.

Outside, students were competing for spots in the spring Special Olympics with timed running and distance softball throwing.

Organizers say the feel good field day gives the students a can do attitude.

"The students, you can just tell by their excitement that they're having a good time," Ricky Catlett, North Side Principal said. "And you know what, that's what it's all about, just giving them the opportunity to show that they can do, they can compete."

A special needs cheerleader from North Side was also honored at Friday's event.


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