Highway 70 Yard Sale This Weekend

Brittany Patterson

One man's trash is another man's treasure at the annual Highway 70 yard sale this weekend.

Bargain shoppers sifted and sorted through secondhand items all along the highway on Friday.

The sale, which takes place every year on the second weekend in June, stretches over 200 miles from Memphis to Nashville with plenty of stops in between.

Many shoppers we spoke with said there's more to the day than just bargain hunting. They enjoy meeting new people and learning about the antiques and artifacts that are for sale.

Ward Plant has been yard sale shopping for over 40 years and says he's a collector of salt and pepper shakers.

"Some of these things they might near give away that you look for a long time to get. People's old treasures come out of their old attics and you find them," said Plant. "Just looking for something unusual."

The Highway 70 Yard Sale continues through Saturday.


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