Hippotherapy Program Kicks off for Spring

Heather Mathis

HENDERSON COUNTY Tenn.- Rein-bow Riding Academy's kicked off its first day back for the year, Tuesday afternoon.

The hippotherapy program runs from March until October, and uses horses as a tool to help handicapped children develop motor skills.

"Every year we see a dramatic change from different kids. Some that couldn't walk that can walk now. Some that have spoken their first words on the back of a horse," said hippotherapist Miranda Hurst.

Amber Murley tells WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News her 3-year-old son, Riley, has improved greatly after just a year in the program, "His main weakness is speech and communication since he's been with the program he's been making more sounds and doing a lot more back- and-forth type play."

Hippotherapy is nOt covered by most insurance plans, but Hurst said donations take care of it, "Nobody has to pay for it. That is our goal is that these children can ride at no cost to the parents."

For more information on Rein-bow Riding Academy we have linked their information to in the "Seen on 7" section.


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