Holly Bobo's Church Holds Prayer Vigil

Brittany Nicholson

DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. -- Holly Bobo's home community joined together Saturday to pray for the nursing student's return and answers in her case at her church in Darden.

The prayer vigil was planned days before TBI's new developments in Holly's case, but members of the church say the investigation did not change Saturday's plans and only encouraged them to pray harder.

"She was supposed to sing that following Sunday and she did quite a bit here," Brad Moore, associate pastor at Corinth Baptist church, remembered.

Holly's fellow church members remember how life was before Holly was taken from their lives and what life has been like since she disappeared.

"It kinda seems like time has flown by because its still everywhere I look. There are pink bows, signs everywhere. It's still part of our life here. We haven't forgotten at all," Tara Pruitt, a church member and friend of the Bobo family, said.

When family and friends planned Saturday's prayer vigil for Holly's return, they did not know the TBI had new leads in Holly's case.

"The way that just worked and fell together was amazing, incredible. It's like okay we're bringing attention to it and here comes attention on its own," Pruitt said.

Brad Moore said there are a lot of different emotions in the air at the church.

"A little bit of frustration because its been so long but hope because hopefully this is getting to the end," he said.

Holly's family asked the more than 400 people that attended the vigil to pray for Holly, the investigators in the case, the community, and even Holly's abductor.

"We haven't forgotten, still pray everyday for Holly's return," Marty Pruitt, another church member, said.

"They need answers and they need closure and they need Holly so hopefully that is where this is headed," Moore said.

Church members and the pastor said they will continue to pray for Holly's return and will have more prayer days like this one in the future until they have answers in this case.


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