Holly Bobo's Family Reaches out with New Information

Natalie Potts

DECATUR COUNTY- Tenn- This week Holly Bobo's parents are reaching out with new information placed on the back of mailings to aid in their search.

Holly first went missing April 13, 2011. Investigators said the 20-year- old nursing student was last seen being led into the woods by a man wearing camouflage around 8 that morning.

Every weekend since Holly disappeared, hundreds of volunteers have combed the woods near the Bobo's Decatur County home with family members searching for clues.

Holly's fathe, Dana Bobo told 7 Eyewitness News that tips that were given earlier in the investigation could have been over looked. "If you turned in a tip, just go ahead and turn it in again." said Dana Bobo,"If it's the 2nd or 3rd time we've seen it, that's okay. It may be the first time though."

Holly's parents are asking for everyone to think back to the days before and after their daughter disappeared. They said they are praying residents will visit and revisit the family's anonymous tip box inside the Decatur County Fairgrounds this week. The box will be opened through Saturday. "We are not interested in who leaves the tip, we are interested in the right tip," said Dana Bobo

Holly's mother, Karen Bobo said she plans to print thousands of mailings that provide new information, including her daughters routine schedule every week. Holly's mother explained that the time line is of possible stops Holly could have made the morning of her disappearance.

"It talks about her schedule, like where she might be around lunch and to ask people to remember back and see if they saw someone at some of the places she was at," said Karen Bobo.

Holly's parents said they will never stop searching because they believe their daughter is still alive. "We believe she is still alive. There is nothing showing us that she is not," said Dana Bobo.

Holly's mother said her daughter's room and car are still waiting for her safe return. She said she believes the tip box will bring in answers which helps keep her faith strong. "I'm just keeping the faith and believing that she is still out there somewhere and we just got to find her," said Karen Bobo.

The Bobo family said they believe the tip box could connect them to a missing link. "I hope it brings in at least one good tip of where she might be." said Dana Bobo, "The right tip and we could get it here at this fair."

the family said Holly drove a 2006 black Ford Mustang. A typical day for Holly would have been to leave home around 7:55 a.m. with a lunch break around Noon. Parents said, she could have possibly gone to Sonic, Parsons Dairy Bar, or to her grandmother's home in Parsons in the days leading up to her abduction. Holly's mother said releasing her daughter's schedule could uncover vital information.

If you would like to assist in weekend searches, the Bobo family asks volunteers to register on Anyone with tips is asked to visit the tip box or call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800 TBI-FIND.


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