Homeless for the Holidays: The Story of George Wiliams

Deneisha Pearson

JACKSON, Tenn. -- It's the most wonderful time of the year but instead of putting gifts under the tree George Earnest Williams will spend his Christmas at a shelter.

"After my wife passed away and my daughter died and that put me in such a depressing state, I never thought about suicide or nothing like that but I just didn't wanna live no more," Williams said.

Williams, originally from Brownsville, lost his wife in 2008 and his daughter in 2012.
He was injured at the workplace and lost his job earlier this year.
After applying for disability he then wandered from Brownsville to Memphis and then walked 40 miles to Tipton county.

"I was able to leave all my problems fears and burdens," Williams said. "I was able to turn them over to God, he said George it's time for you to go to Jackson."

After getting a ride from his pastor to Jackson he found places like the Regional Inter-faith Association where he eats warm meals and volunteers his time.

"By me being able to share myself, my testimony to other people, it's lightened my burden so much that I don't even feel like I have a burden anymore," Williams said.

Despite the unfortunate events in his life Williams says he still has every reason to smile.

"Most important thing is love God first and love your family and you'll find yourself with more blessings that you'll know what to do with," Williams said.

Williams says he lives at the Room in the Inn but during the day he wanders the streets of Jackson until its time to go back to the shelter.

Right now he says he's not sure when he will be able to find a permanent house.


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