Horror at West TN Horror Attraction

Joe Sullivan

ATWOOD, Tenn.- Owners of the popular 13th Realm Haunted Attraction were horrified at what they found, Tuesday morning.

At least $35,000 worth of damage to the property was reportedly done. Vandals allegedly used a fork lift to knock down a wall and drove a tractor through another wall.

Equipment at the site was also destroyed along with a corn field.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office is investigating. Palm prints along with finger prints were found at the scene.

Located on 40 acres in Carroll County, the haunted attraction was set to open in eight weeks, just in time for Halloween. Now owners say they will try and rebuild.

"It almost seems surreal. I am not fully awake right at the moment. This morning was an exceptional blow. This isn't something we expect to find," said owner Brandy Hannan.

Owners are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for the destruction.


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