Human growth hormone usage spikes in teenagers, study says

NORTH JACKSON -- A recent national survey by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids confirmed a doubling in the use of HGH, or the human growth hormone, in teenagers.

Eleven percent of high school students report using the hormone without a prescription, which has jumped drastically from 2012 when it was just 5 percent.

The hormone occurs naturally in the body, stimulating growth and regulating body composition in adolescents.

It's often used for the same effect as anabolic steroids, to promote muscle growth and appearance.

"It's a bad idea simply for the fact that once you start putting stuff in your body that your body already makes, plus it's made synthetically you never know how it's going to respond to your body and how you're going to react to it," Allen Ervin said, a sports performance trainer at Solus.

The same study also shows a drop in the threat teenagers believe for there to be in the risk of taking steroids, which has dropped three percent from 2009.


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