Humboldt Firefighter Burned In Thanksgiving Fire

Empriss Campbell

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. - Firefigher Michael Lewis suffered minor burns to the side of his face, ears and hands while trying to put out a fire on 17th Avenue in Humboldt.

The Humboldt Fire Department is relieved to say one of their own made it out of the fire alive.

"I think he saw a small fire in there evidently something escalated from that point.," said Lt. Robert Carruthers.

One neighbor said she saw a firefighter lying on the ground outside of the house.

"There was somebody on the ground it was a firefighter we didn't know if he burned his face or something or if the smoke had gotten to him," said Frances Aguirre.

According to neighbors a woman and her son lived in the house. Neighbors say both of them escaped the fire and are doing okay.

Lieutenant Caruthers said Lewis was taken to the MED in Memphis and doing well.

The Humboldt Fire Department says they are investigating the cause of the fire.


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