Nicholas Graves


Humboldt Police Search For Suspect In Monday Shooting

Emily Cassulo

Humboldt police said they know who they are looking for in connection with Monday night's shooting, and need your help finding him.

Officers have released their suspect's name and picture, but for now are not saying anything about a motive.

W.A. Williamson was sitting on his front porch reading a book, when he heard five gun shots.

"I just figured it was firecrackers, or someone lighting something," Williamson said.

But police said it was Nicholas Graves, 23, shooting at two other Humboldt residents.

Now officials said Graves is wanted for two counts of attempted first degree murder.

Investigators said the men were driving east on Maple Street in a white Cadillac Monday night, when Graves opened fire, sending both men to the hospital.

"I saw a white car pass by here at a high speed and then the next thing I know, the street was crowded with people," Williamson said.

"When I heard the ambulances, I said, 'Lord, I hope no one got hurt,'" said Lillie Seward, another Humboldt resident.

Police said one victim was treated and released from Humboldt General Hospital. At last check, the other is in stable condition at The Med in Memphis.

Residents said they are glad more people did not get hurt, since the shooting took place not far from an elementary school, and children often play outside in their neighborhood.

"Bullets don't have eyes and they could've got anybody," said Humboldt resident Felicia Dennis.

Police told 7 Eyewitness News they still do not have a motive, and it is still too early to say if it was drug or gang-related.

If you know where Nicholas Graves can be found, call the Humboldt Police Department at (731) 784-1322.


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