Hundreds of Dollars in Property Stolen in Broad Daylight

NORTH MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. -- Officials with the Madison County Sheriff's Department say lawn mowers, a truck and a car all went missing from North Madison county; and the thefts could possibly be connected.

Margie Graves and her husband live on Graves Loop Rd. They say their trailer was stolen around 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

“If I had not seen this in broad open daylight I would have not believed that this occurred,” Graves said.

Mrs. Graves said she was sitting in her sunroom with her husband when she noticed someone was stealing her trailer.

She says her husband walked to the door and yelled at the alleged thieves, telling them to stop stealing the trailer, and that's when they sped off.

“And so as you can see when he was leaving the ground was wet cause it had been raining that day and he left the track marks in the yard as he left the drive way,” Graves said.

A few miles away Christy Tipton alleges the same man stole from her home on Old Medina Rd., while she was at church.

“I backed right in front of the carport and I looked and I looked at my daughter and I said, 'where's the lawn mower',” Tipton said.

Officials say as the suspect drove up Old Medina Rd. the lawn mower fell off the trailer, into Gaylon Gooch's driveway.

After that, the thief reportedly took Gooch's brand new mower and left the damaged one behind.

“He was kind enough to start mine and pull it around so I got it back, but he's without one now,” Tipton said. “It's just amazing that you can't trust your own items to be there, just from something as simple as going to church.”

Deputies say several other thefts in the area may be connected.

If you have information that could lead to an arrest contact the Madison County Sheriff's Department.


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