Huntingdon Teacher Facing Theft and Drug Charges

Natalie Potts

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn.- One West Tennessee teacher is in trouble after her arrest on three different charges.

"Oh my goodness I'm appalled by that it's terrible you know in this small town that we live in, you don't think of things like that going on," said Brenda Willis.

Huntingdon police charged Middle School teacher April C. Dodd, 39 with theft under $500 dollars and two counts of possession of schedule II prescription drug. Dodd who teaches Grades 4-8 at Huntingdon Middle School as been suspended without pay pending the investigation.

"When you find out something like this, you're wondering where are you sending your kids. They are supposed to be a role model to these children,"said Dalonda Frazier. "I think she needs to be fired and the school needs to be investigated."

Both parents and residents are disappointed in the teacher who was looked up by her students as a role model. According to Police records Dodd was captured by surveillance cameras using a stolen gift card at the Walmart in Huntingdon for the amount of $25.00 dollars. Investigators said several attempts were made at the same time to use the stolen card, but the transactions were declined by the card company.

"We find these people to act as leaders as moral support for our society and they are just failing miserably," said David Gonzales.

In addition to the theft charge, police said they found 5 oxycodone pills in Dodd's makeup bag along with adderall pills that were in an unmarked pill bottle.

"She could of had her purse laying out and a child walked by and think maybe it's candy or something," said Frazier.

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News tried contacting Huntingdon's Special School District Director Pat Dillahunty, but she refused to comment.

"Well i think it's terrible that our society has gotten this way. It just seems like it's pushed under the table people don't talk about it they hide it from the top down its starts with the president all the way down to the school board here and we have a mess and we need to fix it," said Gonzales.

According to police, Dodd is free on $500 dollar bond. The theft victim also told officers that she was missing $170 dollars from her purse.


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