International Walk to School Day; Crossing Guard Honored

Caitlyn Jones

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn.- Students skipped the school bus on Wednesday and hit the sidewalks as part of International Walk to School Day.

Alexander Elementary Students participated with a two block walk. Walk to School Day is an initiative to encourage more kids to make healthier choices.

After the kids reached their destinations, a ceremony was held to go over safety guidelines for walking.

City leaders and teachers presented crossing guard Willie Tyson with a proclamation for saving a student's life earlier in the school year. In August, Tyson is credited with scooping the child up from in front of a speeding car. The child escaped serious injury.

Students who made the walk say they notice a difference once they get to school.

"Usually when I get off the bus I don't feel good because I haven't walked or get exercise but since I walked to school today, I feel a lot better," said student Barry Williams.

Principal Jill Hodum says some of the parents with the school are trying to organize a supervised group to help more kids walk to school on a regular basis.


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