Investigators Look For Fire Cause

Modupe Idowu

Monday as Kenny Fox's family held funeral visitation services, local and state officials have begun investigating whether the Saturday morning fire that claimed the Decaturville fire chief's life was intentionally set.

Local and state fire marshals, Jackson Police, and even District Attorney General Hansel McCadams were on the scene as soon as the Oak Hill Cafe in Parsons went up in flames early Saturday morning.

Attorney General McCadams said Fox's death is the very reason he and his assistants rushed to the scene immediately.

"My office policy is any suspicious death myself and my assistants normally try to make the scene," said McCadams.

And that is exactly what investigators are trying to determine. Did a Decaturville Volunteer Fire Chief die as a result of arson or was the fire an accident?

"If it's arson, then we will be assisting the agencies in an arson investigation, and it could lead to an unlawful death investigation," said McCadams.

Decatur County fire officials, the Bomb and Arson Unit and the ATF responded to that fire in Parsons. Kenny Fox was among them. He died that morning, battling the blaze and saving two others.

"Most fire department across West Tennessee, if they have a large structure fire like this, they call the state fire marshal's office," said McCadams.

Now Decatur County officials have turned over the investigation to Tennessee's Bomb and Arson Unit and the ATF units in hopes of finding the cause of the fire.

"We have assisted them. They have been interviewing witness and continued to do that today," said McCadams.

McCadams said investigators have been able to gather clues and evidence, but he would not elaborate any further.


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