Items Stolen From Henderson County Sheriff Department Vehicle

Erica Williams

LEXINGTON, Tenn- A Henderson County Sheriff Department employee was the unlikely victim of an overnight crime.

On Thursday, Henderson County Captain Tracey Grisham realized items had been stolen from his department SUV while parked in his front yard. He said more than $500 worth of items, like cameras and jackets, belonging to the department had been stolen from his unlocked car.

"I looked inside the car and noticed that the things had been emptied out of my glove compartment," Captain Grisham said. "I knew then that I was a victim."

According to deputies, no evidence is kept in their cars overnight but sometimes weapons and other items are left behind.

"It shows that just because your car says Sheriff's Department doesn't mean that you won't be the victim of a crime," Deputy Michael Stegall said.

Grisham said besides making sure his car doors are locked, even when he's in his own yard, he's been taught another lesson.

"I gained a new appreciation of what victims go through," he said.


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