JEA Unveils Natural Gas Vehicle

7 Eyewitness News Staff

Jackson Energy Authority is adding a vehicle to its fleet that uses what may become a much more common fuel source for vehicles.

JEA officials along with Jackson community leaders attended the unveiling of the company's new addition to its fleet: a natural gas vehicle.

The NGV pickup will run primarily on natural gas as its source of fuel. Officials said environmental concerns, economic impacts over rising gasoline and diesel prices have lead to a demand for a different fuel source for transportation.

The feel that a pilot test program with a natural gas vehicle is a step in the right direction.

"If we can go to a domestic fuel that's environmentally friendly and cut our fuel bill in half, that's more money that you and I can put in our pockets and spend elsewhere," said Scott Dahlstrom, Senior Manager of Business Analaysis at JEA.

Officials said this could be the beginning of a much larger market for natural gas vehicles at JEA and for other commercial fleets and personal transportation vehicles operated within the community. .


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