JMCSS Discuss Upcoming School Year

Heather Mathis

JACKSON Tenn.- A later start to the school year, and a proposed contract for the new superintendent dominated the conversation at Monday night's working session at the Jackson-Madison County School Board.

Several parents said they were there to fight the early August 2 start to the 2013 calendar year. "Please join the majority of schools in the country by moving the school start date to a more sane time."

The board discussed taking away fall break to push the start of school back a week, but said an official decision will not be made until March.

A proposed contract for the new superintendent, Dr. Verna Ruffin was also discussed, though details of the contract were not released because it is in draft form.

Chairman of the school board, David Clifft, said Dr. Ruffin has looked over the draft, and the only had one issue. The contract currently requires her to have a million dollar umbrella of car insurance on her personal vehicle.

"The amount of insurance she chooses to have on her personal car is her business and the board does not have a reason to ask her to have more than she chooses to buy," said Cliff.

The board will vote to remove that clause in Tuesday night's school board meeting, and will hopefully have a final contract.


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