Jacob and Wavier Reid


JMCSS Educator Fired for Allegedly Hitting Autistic Student

Cyndi Lundeberg

JACKSON, Tenn. - Jacob Reid's parents said the autistic eight-year-old always loved school until suddenly it was a battle getting him to Isaac Lane Elementary.

"When I pulled up at the school he started screaming hollering and crying and saying, 'this is not my school," Jacob's father, Thomas Reid said.

His parents did not know then that Alvin Johnson, a special educator at Isaac Lane had been suspended after allegedly hitting the autistic student.

"I had seen bruises on him. I asked him what happened and he said it happened at school," his father explained. "I was just thinking maybe he fell or something."

Wednesday a child protective services investigator came to the Reid's home. They informed the parents that their son had allegedly been assaulted by Wilson. Jackson Police are now also investigating. The Reids said they were completely caught off guard.

"Someone shows up at my door and she told me who she was, and what she was here for and I'm looking at her like what are you talking about?" Jacob's mother Wavier said.

Leaders with the Jackson-Madison County School System said Alvin Wilson had been employed since 2008. He was suspended following the allegations September 26. He was officially fired October 9.

"They think he a special child, so he doesn't have enough sense to come home and say what was done to him, but he does, " Thomas said.

The Reids said they have yet to hear from the school despite having weekly meetings with teachers regarding Jacob's education.

"When are they going to say something, I'm waiting. I'm waiting on a phone call," Wavier said.

The Reids said they are unsure if they will send Jacob back to Isaac Lane after fall break. No formal charges have been filed against Alvin Wilson.


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