JMCSS Installs Electronic Keying System

Brittany Patterson

JACKSON, Tenn.- Jackson-Madison County Schools are working on installing a new cyber key system that could open new doors when it comes to student and staff security.

The cyber key is part of an access control system, which allows tracking of who enters what door and when. Access to certain doors can be limited remotely.

The web-based keys run about $100 a piece; they are part of a purchase through grant money awarded to the district.

Each key, which contains an individual pin code, is assigned to an individual teacher.

The keys can be programmed accordingly for substitute teachers and temporary workers. If they key is not programmed to access a particular door, it won't open.

District leaders say cyber keys reduce the risk of entry by duplicate keys that may have amounted over the years due to transfers and turnover.

The school system will immediately deactivate a key if it is reported stolen.

At this time, the cyber key system is being piloted at North Side High School. District leaders hope to expand the system to JCM and other schools as grant money becomes available.


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