Dr. Verna Ruffin


JMCSS: Instructional coaches now have jobs

Brittany Nicholson

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. -- The instructional coaches who were laid off last month now all have jobs in the school district, according to Jackson-Madison County Schools Superintendent Dr. Verna Ruffin.

The school board approved a revised list of teachers and staff who will be laid off, Thursday night. The list includes only half as many names as the list Dr. Ruffin put together in May.

Dr. Ruffin said she is glad to see the list shorter, but it still was not an easy decision.

"There may be some tough changes we're having to make. But it's not because we're insensitive to our staff or our communities," Dr. Ruffin said.

The 17 instructional coaches were not on the list, as well as one teacher who decided to retire. Dr. Ruffin said she was able to find all of the instructional coaches jobs in the district.

The board also discussed what else has to be done to restructure the school district, like a transportation study.

"We have to examine our practices and know if we're running routes are we doing it in the most effective way and the most efficient way. Can we save on fuel? And we really need to know that to make better decisions for the system," Dr. Ruffin said.

She said efficiency across the district is her goal, such as making each school the best it can be.

"When you restructure you look at how you can create the kind of schools people are looking for and they're excited about and innovated places where children can grow beyond their expectations," Dr. Ruffin said.

Dr. Ruffin said no schools will close this year. After the board takes a closer look at the district, it could become a point of interest in the future.

Dr. Ruffin said she wants to devote one full day to educating the school board members on what she means by restructuring and how it can be done. They plan to meet July 2.


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