JMCSS School Bus Ads are not Selling

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn. - After two years only one company has chosen to use Jackson-Madison County school buses as a traveling billboard.

Director of Operation, Stan Parker said the bus ads have not been successful.

The bus advertising program was introduced in 2010 by then Superintendent Nancy Zambito. The price of a rolling advertisement cost $200 per bus, per semester.

Parker says the program was supposed to fund school bus maintenance.

"Money goes back to transportation purchasing odds and ends anything from audio to video cameras that are used on the buses," said Parker.

Out of the 150 Jackson-Madison County school buses, only 10 of them have company advertisement on the side of them.

Parker said he wishes more companies would take advantage of what he calls a prime location.

"I don't see it ending. I would hope it would get larger its good P.R. for the people that are buying the advertisements something of a small money generator for transportation, so its a win-win situation," said Parker.


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