JPD Hits Street With Tasers

Joe Sullivan

At roll call Thursday morning Captain Steve Overton talked to the officers about tasers.

He knows first hand the power of the 50,000 volts that come with the five second jolt from the taser.

"Rough, it's something I don't think I would want to go through again, not unless I absolutely had to," Overton said.

After roll call, Patrolman Terry Dyer was issued his taser. Dyer has been with the Jackson Police Department for 22 years. He and his fellow officers had eight hours of intense training with the taser.

"If you get hit with this, you are going to go down. It's not going to be any kind of permanent injury but you will go down," Dyer said.

The Jackson Police Department has 40 tasers. Once the trigger is pulled on one of the tasers it shoots two prongs. You could be a foot away and be hit or 25 feet away.

"The taser is another less lethal option for these officers out on the street. It's a very unique devise used across the country," said Overton.

Armed with his taser, Officer Dyer began his patrol of Jackson.
On his first stop, there was a two-car wreck that sent one woman to the hospital. Shortly after that, a one-vehicle crash on Vann Drive. No use for the taser there.

"This is not a toy, it's anything but a toy, said Dyer.

The taser has a small camera on it. The officers do not have access to the video. Only the computer personnel at the JPD can download the video.

"Every time that we deploy this weapon that we have to use it, it's going to record the incident," said Dyer.


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