Robbie Weems


JPD Officer Indicted, Accused of Theft on Duty

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn- A 20-year police veteran of the Jackson Police Department has found his job is on the line. Robbie Weems turned himself in on Thursday after being indicted by a grand jury on charges of theft under $500 and official misconduct.

According to the Jackson Police Department, Weems is accused of taking $200 from a man's pocket as he assisted with a routine traffic stop on the parking lot of the Old Hickory Mall, last October. Residents say the allegations shake their faith in law enforcement.

"They need to be people we can look up to in our community," said Theresa Shelton, a Jackson resident. "If they can't do their job like they're suppose to they don't have the right to have that job."

Weems' lawyer, Mark Donahoe said no one should rush to judgement.

"At this point the only thing is that there are allegations that he committed one criminal act and we are prepared to fight that," said Donahoe.

Weems is free on a $10,000 bond and is scheduled to be formally arraigned in Madison County Circuit Court on February 4.


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