Robert Groves


Conduct Questioned: JPD Officer Suspended

Heather Mathis

JACKSON, Tenn. - A Jackson Police Department patrol officer has been suspended after in-car video logs reportedly showed him out of his district with a woman while he was supposed to be on patrol.

According to officials, Officer Robert Groves was suspended for ten days following a disciplinary hearing, Tuesday.

Investigators found that Officer Groves had not classified a video that had been uploaded from his patrol unit. Department personnel reviewed the unclassified video in accordance with departmental procedures.

Police Department officials stated that Officer Groves was found to have left his patrol area to meet with an unknown woman twice on September 28. In the video, officials stated that Officer Groves was seated in his patrol car while the woman stood outside the vehicle's closed door on both occasions.

"Yes, it was irresponsible. He was only thinking of himself, and not the ones he was supposed to be serving," said Jackson resident Mary Jones.

Through an open window, the pair allegedly had conversations about sexual related topics. The recorded conversations led supervisors to believe that physical contact of some type may have also occurred.

"Nobody else can goof off on their job he needs to be doing his job," said Jackson resident Deanna McCrudden

The suspended officer was found to be in violation of three department regulations, Disobedience of an Order, Personal Conduct, and Moral Conduct.

Officer Groves will have the opportunity to appeal his 10 day suspension.


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