JPD Sgt. Peaches Nesbitt Retiring

JACKSON, Tenn. - One of Jackson’s most well known traffic officers is retiring from the police department.

Sergeant Peaches Nesbitt is retiring after 33 years on the force.

She started as a patrol officer with the Jackson Police Department in 1979 and said she spent five years working in the Criminal Investigation Division and five years working as a DARE officer.

When she returned to the patrol division, Sgt. Nesbitt said she was given the special assignment of traffic enforcement prior to the department starting a traffic division.

According to records, since the Jackson Police Department began using the computer to track tickets, Sgt. Nesbitt has written 13653 citations, of which 6,180 have been for speeding.

Sgt. Nesbitt’s last day on the street as an officer was December 14. She will officially retire December 31, 2012.


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