Officer Ken Stone Jackson Police Dept.


JPD Officer Suspended After Cemetery Rendezvous

Meghan Pinkley

A Jackson Police officer was accused of using his patrol car to rendezvous with a woman while off the clock, but what may be more shocking was where investigators said it happened; at a north Jackson cemetery.

JPD internal affairs said Officer Ken Stone, admitted to violating rules and regulation involving the use of his patrol car, personal conduct, and neglect of duty.

On Thursday, he was suspended without pay for 10 days.

Police officials said Officer Stone had been meeting up with a friend or acquaintance in the Ridgecrest Cemetery so many times, residents became suspicious and called the department.

Investigators said Stone and the acquaintance were found, fully clothed, in her vehicle.

Some neighbors to the cemetery said there were always cars meeting up and parking in the back of the cemtery for a long period of time, and when they saw patrol cars out there, they were hoping it was just extra patrols.

According to Capt. Thom Corley, Stone has been with the department for 15 years and had some minor disciplinary letters in his file.

Corley also added that Stone was off-duty, but driving his patrol car, when he was caught.

"Our current policy is that the vehicle that you're allowed to take home are for you to drive home and back to work, and that's all," stated Corley.

Along with being suspended for 10 days without pay, Stone lost his patrol car privileges for at least 90 days, and had to meet with a division commander once a month for three months.


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