JPD Says Tasers Proving Effective

Meghan Pinkley

It has been a week since Jackson Police began carrying tasers and they said they are making a difference in suspect and officer safety.

In that week, there had been six instances where an officer pulled a taser on a suspect, but no one had actually had to pull the trigger, which was the kind of result the department was hoping for.

In video captured from the camera on the taser, the man did not waste any time getting on the ground after the officer threatened him with the device.

"They seem to be very effective. We've been using them for a week now," said Lt. Jim Collum.

In the first seven days, Lt. Collum said between all the Jackson Police officers who had carried a taser, they had been pulled out of the holster a total of six times.

"Nobody has wanted to actually be tased. They've actually complied by the mere presentation and the officer telling them they would use it if they didn't comply," added Lt. Collum.

"I think it's because they're more scared for their life and that it could physically harm them permanently," said Crystal Barrett.

Police said they believe people are more knowledgeable about tasers and the harm they can inflict.

"They know how they function, they know what they do, they know that they do cause pain," said Capt. Thom Corley.

"If it was me I would stop. I wouldn't want to get tasered, I mean who would?," said Eric Jeanes.

The policy for the Jackson Police Department is the taser is only to be used when completely necessary, or the suspect becomes dangerous.

"This has changed the behavior of the suspect we're dealing with. We're not having to use force and not taking as much a change on somebody getting hurt. Anything like that is always good from an officer's standpoint," commented Lt. Collum.

Captain Corley said any officer who pulls a taser from his or her belt even if the trigger is not pulled, must document that it happened. He said by doing that, the department can track the tasers use and make sure they are not abused.


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