Jacks Creek Residents Fight for their Post Office

Cyndi Lundeberg

JACKS CREEK, Tenn. - Jacks Creek residents are passionate about the survival of what they call the heart of their community, their post office.

A little less than a month ago, residents were sent out a survey asking if the post office should be closed or if hours should be lessened. A meeting was held once postal management believed they had received all surveys.

Janice Goodwin worked for the Postal Service for more than 25 years and said doing anything to the post office would hurt the community.

"Really all the community wants is what is best for the post office," said Goodwin..

That was why when a meeting was scheduled to discuss the future of the post office as hundreds of people came out in attendance. The problem, residents said was there was no discussion at all, a decision had already been made.

That decision was to minimize the post offices hours down to just four a day, Monday through Friday.

"They are making decisions that affect communities in an adverse manner and they have never even been to these communities they are adversely affecting," said Jacks Creek resident Chip Campbell.

Attendees of the meeting were asked to vote on their preferred hours of operation. Even with the large crowds only a few attendants opted to vote because they say just like the meeting the decision has probably already been determined.

"I did not vote because I did not like the options," said resident Patsy Nobles Jones. "So it doesn't matter they will send us a letter with the hours they want it to be open."

Despite the unrest of Jacks Creek residents, the U.S. Postal Service said the decision is final.They said the reason for cut backs is the bad economy and customers moving online to satisfy their mailing needs.


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