Jackson Assistant Public Defender Dies
Empriss Campbell

The annual Andrew Jackson Marathon was sadly overshadowed Saturday by the death of Paul Meyers, an assistant public defender in Jackson.

Officials said Meyers died participating in the annual Andrew Jackson Marathon.

George Googe said he was shocked after he got a call Saturday morning about the lost of his friend and co-worker, Paul Meyers.

He said when he goes to work Monday morning the office will feel empty without Meyers in it.

"I'll always remember poking my head in the door of his office and asking how its going and he would always welcome talking about cases or life in general," said Deputy Public Defender George Googe.

George Googe describes Meyers as a fun loving guy with a contagious smile.

When it came to running, Googe said he was an avid runner and was really excited to participate in the Andrew Jackson Marathon.

Meyers spent 6 years as an assistant public defender in Jackson and was dedicated to practicing law.

Googe said, "Its still hard to believe that Paul is gone because he was so much a part of our legal community here."

Googe said Meyers was dependable and never met a stranger.

"He was respected by everybody who worked on the other side of the courtroom by judges and by us here at the office," said Googe.

Googe says Paul Meyers' legacy will be his friendliness, good nature and the good work he has done in the Jackson community.


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