Jackson City Council Votes on Lane Avenue Closure

Natalie Potts

The Jackson City Council votes 'no' to closing down the city street that runs through Lane College.

After months of debate, the council overwhelmingly said 'no' by a 6 to 2 vote. The measure would have allowed Lane Avenue to close between Hays Avenue and Middleton Streets.

" I don't feel too good, I really think they should have closed it, it's really dangerous out there, " said Mace Payne, an east Jackson resident.

That is exactly why officials with Lane College first brought the proposal to the city. School officials believe stopping traffic would only increase campus and student safety.

"Fights are breaking out and the violence on campus is rising, I believe that it needs to stop," said Terynce McDonald, a Lane College student.

Councilman Harvey Buchanan, who represents the district that includes Lane, said a gate is not the answer.

"Crime as I've said before can happen anywhere at anytime if we are going to propose closing the sanction streets than we might as well close half of Jackson," said Buchanan.

Buchanan admitted he voted against the measure for many reasons including the city recently spending $4.5 million to widen Lane Avenue from North Royal Street to Highland Avenue. Buchanan estimates nearly 3,400 residents could be negatively affected by the closure.

"We have many, many middle-aged to elderly citizens directly behind Lane College that need access to emergency vehicles," said Buchanan

Although the ordinance was voted down, students said, they are not giving up.

"The fight is far from over. The battle may be lost, but the fight is far from over, said McDonald.


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