Jackson May Change Red Light Camera Companies

7 Eyewitness News Staff

Jackson, Tenn. - The City of Jackson may be keeping the cameras at several city intersections, but changing who sends you the tickets.

At their July meeting, the council is set to decide if they want to change red light camera companies.

City officials tell us they will be able to retain a more money per ticket by choosing to use Redflex rather than their current service provider, American Traffic Solitions.

The amount of money the city would receive per ticket from Redflex depends on how many tickets are paid each month:

Up to 100 paid citations per month = $18.75 per citation paid
From 101-200 paid citations per month = $20.75 per citation paid
More than 200 paid citations per month = $30.75 per citation paid

Currently, city officials said Jackson retains $18.50 from ATS red light camera tickets.

Jackson police reported that, in 2012, they have written on average 198.8 tickets per month and 80% of those tickets are paid on time. As a result, most months Jackson would retain $20.75 per ticket.

The city council will consider the proposal July 3.


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