Jackson Police Investigating Several Car Burglaries

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn. - Jackson Police said there were a string of early morning burglaries in one North Jackson neighborhood, Saturday.

Police said the thieves targeted parked cars along Golden Brook, Springtime and Collinwood Cove. Residents on Collinwood said many homes on the street were apart of an assisted living community for elderly and disabled homeowners.

"I think they had to be watching because they know that at a certain time the person that is being assisted is not supposed to be out at a certain time and if we are staying the night we are not supposed to be out," said Keosha Crawford, Assisted Living Specialist.

Lt. Mike Landreth told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that it was a crime of opportunity. Authorities said the break-ins were wide spread. Officials said they believe the burglars worked quickly through the area.

"Thieves can move through an area. They can move down a street in a matter of minutes going from car to car. It doesn't really take that long," said Lt. Landreth.

Many of the cars were left with heavy damage. Police said the thieves broke in a number of ways. Some windows were kicked in, while others had sunroofs and key entries destroyed.

"My coworker they actually picked his lock off the door and got his money and his debit card. The third person, her lock was actually picked out of her car," said Crawford.

Officials said one of the vehicles had stored a handgun that is now missing. Neighbors said in addition to the items stolen, they have lost their peace of mind and sense of security.

"It makes you wonder if they are going to use that during robberies," said Crawford. "We shouldn't have to come to work worrying about what's been stolen out of our cars or is the house going to get broke into because we have a job to do and we can't constantly run back and forth to the window or to the door just to make sure nobody is breaking into our cars."

Police said car owners should take precautions in securing their vehicles. Lt. Landreth said gun owners should never leave their weapon in their car or any other valuable items in plain sight.

So far no arrests have been made.


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