Jackson Police Work Around the Clock at Christmas

Brittany Nicholson

DOWNTOWN JACKSON, Tenn. -- Many enjoy a day or two off over the holidays. But for those who vow to keep Jackson citizens safe, they will work around the clock.

"In my life, my purpose will be public service," Sergeant Burkley Sain says he always knew he was meant to protect and serve.

"You have the ability to branch out and extend the courtesy and service to the community," Sergeant Sain said. He says working year round is what he was born to do.

Some officers say they volunteer to work Christmas because they enjoy serving the people of Jackson. Two sergeants say they chose to work so others could have the day off to spend time with family.

"Chose to work to extend a blessing to some of the employees that don't have seniority," Sergeant Sain said.

He sais he has worked more than 20 of his 25 Christmases at Jackson Police Department, but he always enjoys it.

"During the holiday period, we can show a different sort of compassion for the people we deal with so that's an enhancement for me as well."

Sergeant Michael Thomas was hired in with Sergeant Sain 25 years ago and he has always chosen to work as well.

"I'm proud of what I do. I try to do the best job I can, treat everybody in the fairest way I possibly can," Sergeant Thomas said.

Jackson Police say officers will patrol as usual on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


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