Jackson Residents Concerned about Flooding

Heather Mathis

JACKSON Tenn. - A South Jackson family said Sunday's rainwater has caused major flooding in their neighborhood, and they want something to be done.

The family said a ditch that is supposed to carry the water to the drains is clogged, causing the water to flood their yard and home.

"There is just no reason why every time it rains if we get one inch of rain we get two feet of flood," said homeowner Joseph Patterson.

Patterson said the flood water flows into the vents on his home and floods the foundation of the home.

"It's just sickening if you could see the rot and the mold underneath my house from this water, you wouldn't want to live here either," said Patterson.

The family said they have called the City of Jackson several times to get help with the flooding, but claimed nothing has been done.


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