Jackson author wants to inspire young people

Jordan Hall

JACKSON, Tenn. -- After 30 years, West Tennessee native Brad Breashears says he has accomplished his dream. The Navy veteran is now a published author with a poetry book about his life.

Most importantly, he says this book is a message to young people.

"I was working at Liberty Tech as a custodian, and the students there inspired me and I wanted to show that if a 50-something year old man can accomplish his dream, then surely they can accomplish theirs," Breashears said.

After 30 years of writing poetry since being a high school senior, he says he was inspired by his experiences of growing up, serving in the Navy and going through relationships. His book is called "Open the Door."

"Because of my love for poetry, when I was down, the poetry lifted me up. In just about every moment that I went through, the poetry was there," Breashears said.

One of his favorite poems comes from his days in the Navy when he was on a Mediterranean cruise and met a gypsy. It's called "Just for You," because he wrote it for her before leaving the island.

The Tiptonville native says his book is a tribute to his aunt and deceased mother, who were also writers.

"Me publishing my book is a way of carrying on their dreams," Breashears said.

He said he hopes to be an inspiration to young people everywhere.

"For all young people, stick with the program and follow your dreams, You can reach them, and you can touch them," Breashears said.

Breashears wants to begin traveling and speaking to young people about accomplishing their dreams.

Anyone interested in purchasing his book can order it from any Barnes And Noble and Books-A-Million Bookstore.


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