Judge Keeps Businesses Accused of Selling Stolen Items Closed

Emily Cassulo

JACKSON, Tenn. - Two Jackson businesses are fighting public nuisance actions filed against them by the city.

City leaders said they want them shut down for good because of alleged illegal activity.

"We have presented enough proof, or have presented, I think, overwhelming proof that they had been illegally selling drugs and other locations buying and reselling stolen goods," said Lewis Cobb, Jackson City Attorney.

And for that reason, the judge said he decided to keep Royal Quick Stop and College Market closed.

"At this point, I haven't found any evidence they are conducting illegal activity," said Angela Hopson, the attorney for the businesses. "I've heard the allegations, but at this point, we're still sifting through what is actually allegation, and what is actually fact."

Some customers said there is no reason to keep their doors locked up.

"As much as I come down here, I've never seen anything going down like that, what they're saying," said customer Ja-na Sanders.

Residents said it does not just hurt business, but the community too.

"It's sad because where else is there for people to go?," Sanders said. "Other than them shutting down this store and the one up the street, I mean, there's nowhere else to go."

Officials said the stores will stay closed - at least through the trial, set to begin June 21.


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