Part 1: Judicial Candidates Answer Tough Questions

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn. - Six attorneys are now vying to take over the position of Circuit Court Judge left open when Judge Roger Page was appointed to the Court of Appeals.

With Madison, Chester and Henderson counties just weeks away from election day, 7 Eyewitness News posed a few tough questions for each judicial candidate.

We spoke with three candidates Tuesday and will have the answers from the remaining three candidates Wednesday. The candidates answers were placed in reverse alphabetical order by the spelling of their last names.

Question 1: Can you, from the bench, help curb crime in West Tennessee?

Lloyd Tatum: I think we can. Of course, you've got to understand its up to the judges to call it the way he sees it in court. So, I don't think its right for the judge to have an agenda. That, 'I'm going to reduce crime' that's not the judge's role, that's the police, law enforcement's role.

Nathan Pride: Of course you want to be a tough judge, you want to be a fair judge, you want to be efficient so if I'm able to do that, then I think I will help curb crime.

Mark Patey: I have a great deal of interest, like any citizen, to send a strong message that crime will not be tolerated in our three counties

Question 2: What would/could you do to speed up the judicial process?

Tatum: [I would] work harder and try to encourage the lawyers in a variety of ways to spend more time preparing and have the cases ready for trial.

Pride: I would like to propose bringing in electronic technology to the courtroom, we don't have that currently to look at the cases from the bench.

Patey: I think it's important for the judge to look at how the attorneys are representing the clients and moving it along.

Question 3: Yes or No, do you believe in the death penalty?

Tatum: Yes. It's part of Tennessee law. I wouldn't be able to swear an oath to follow the law very well if I said no I don't.

Pride: If the death penalty is the law, I will uphold the law.

Patey: The state recognizes that as a potential penalty, so I have a duty and I intend to uphold that duty of following the laws of the state, even on the death penalty.

We will have answers to the same questions from the other three candidates, Kyle Atkins, Dale Conder and Edward Martindale, Wednesday.


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