July 4th Dyer Station

Brittany Noble

As usual, the American flag is flying high in the city of Dyer to remind everyone of their freedoms, and Gibson County residents took Independence Day to the next level. "By far the best place to be on the 4th of July," said Mollie Prince.

Organizers of the 27th Annual Dyer Station Celebration said the idea originated from a former alderman whose dying wish was to begin a yearly celebration. Johnny McIlwain said he needed to make his aunt's dream came true by bringing her favorite holiday to life. "She died the next year but when she did, I said ok girl, lets get this thing rolling, and I lined up like 38 people. We started this thing and its been going great every since," added McIlwain.

This year, the 6 day event began last Wednesday. McIlwain said for their organizations, people from all over West Tennessee set up booths at the city park to make a few extra dollars like Jackson Woodcarver, Elsie Newman. "This is really a hobby, it's not something we expect to make a lot of money, we just enjoy it," added Newman.

And with the fun, food and fellowship came the reminder for Gibson county residents, why the flag flies high.

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and were just thankful to live in a country where we can celebrate and be free," said Mollie Prince.


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