Kids "Unwrap" Father After Surprise Return from Kuwait

Deneisha Pearson

PARIS, Tenn. -- To Carlie and Mason Thompson, seeing their father under their Christmas tree was priceless.

Chris and Gary Thompson serve in the Army National Guard.
After being stationed in Kuwait for nine months, the 212th Engineer Company soldiers came home to Paris last Saturday.
Family members say they've been planning the surprise gift for weeks.

"I didn't count it down though cause I was afraid something would come up and they couldn't make it on time," Jessica Thompson said, wife of Chris Thompson.

Gary who's also Chris' nephew, says it seems like the nine months in Kuwait would never end, as he frantically waited to come home.

"I don't think until the day after I got home is when it really set in, it didn't feel real at the time," Gary Thompson said.

The soldiers say they won't be deployed anytime soon.

For now they'll continue they're monthly drills.


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