Kroger to Lower Prices, End Double Coupons Program

Ben Rainwater

NORTH JACKSON, Tenn. - Changes are coming to the checkout process at Kroger stores. The retailer is dropping prices, but its double coupons program is being cut.

"I hate to hear that because I know families like us depend on doubling coupons just to provide food for their family," said coupon user Anna Massey.

Coupon doubling at Kroger stores throughout West Tennessee will end July 10.

"I'm a stay at home mom, so it's hard sometimes to buy groceries," said Massey. "Especially sometimes when it costs $200 to $300 every two weeks."

Even with the discontinuing of doubling coupons, some customers said the savings will still be available.

"You can still use your coupons, but they just won't double," said Massey. "A lot of people are brand loyal anyways. So maybe it'll work out in their favor that they'll lower the prices on stuff they buy. And let's just hope they honor what they say and they will lower prices."

Kroger officials said they understand customer's frustrations, but they believe that dropping the program is the correct move.

"Rather than spend money on doubling coupons, we would take that expense and the money that we're spending on that (program) and spread it out across all of our pricing to reward all customers," said Kroger spokesperson Joe Bell.


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