Lack Of Rain Worries Farmers

Modupe Idowu

Rain saturated some parts of West Tennessee Thursday and Friday but skipped some areas that needed it most. Farmers in Haywood County said they need rain, and the forecast for the next few days show the chances are slim.

"It's been a while since we've had significant rain like we normally get in April," said Farmer Freeman Smith.

In fact, rain has not fallen in the Haywood County area for a little more than a week.

"A lot of people are starting to slow down to wait for rain, but its a hard thing to wait for," said Smith

Farmers like Smith took advantage of the early warm weather planting corn and soybeans, but the dry soil worries farmers.

"You'll start to see stress. I don't think we'll see any loss just yet. The biggest fear now is some of the soybeans put in the ground now may swell and not find a root system and then shrink and die," said Smith.
"The crops I'm more worried about is the one we haven't put in the ground yet because you don't have the moisture, mainly cotton."

For now, farmers hope their irrigation systems usually used in June, will hold them over until a down pour comes their way.


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