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Large Marijuana Bust Reported in Atwood

Emily Cassulo

ATWOOD, Tenn. - In just two days, state and local law enforcement arrested four men in three separate grow operations in Carroll County.

The operation involved the Carroll County Sheriff's Department, and the Governor's Task Force on Marijuana Eradication.

They said they have recovered several marijuana plants, and seized vehicles, four-wheelers and guns.

"Just know that they've taken down several plants that would've had a tremendous impact on what would be on the streets later," said Carroll County Sheriff Andy Dickson.

Dickson said they have arrested Randal Lewing, Terry Martin, and brothers Jason and Daniel Lott for reportedly growing marijuana and tampering with evidence.

"We were flying above [Terry Martin's] residence and spotted marijuana plants, and one of the pilots noticed Mr. Martin come out of the residence and try to break off several of the marijuana plants, and then he got into his vehicle and tried to elude arrest," Dickson said.

Deputies said they soon arrested Martin outside a convenience store in Atwood.

"I figured, you know, it might've been somebody having a heart attack, or a wreck, and so and I walked up there to the store, and I had seen all the police circling around a little bitty car," said resident Benjamin Trull.

You could still see helicopters in the area, even after Martin's arrest.

Dickson said they were searching his property for more pot plants.

"It's just an everybody knows everybody-type town. I just really wasn't expecting any kind of drug bust or anything like that happening on a pretty day like this," Trull said.

Sheriff Dickson said they may have made these arrests, but this operation is far from over.

"It will be a continuous operation," Dickson said. "Like I said, where we can try to get as much of the marijuana off the streets as possible."

Sheriff Dickson said state and local law enforcement officers conduct this operation every summer.


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