Lexington Replacing Water Meters; Some Customers to Pay More

Caitlyn Jones

LEXINGTON, Tenn.- Officials in Lexington believe faulty water meters are costing them thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and they have come up with a plan to fix it.

The Lexington Utility Board has approved a new $4.5 million project to replace all of the water meters in the system. It includes all of Henderson County, and parts of Decatur, Chester, and Madison Counties.

Lexington Water System director Michael Harper tells 7 Eyewitness News many of the meters are around 50 years old and are not accounting for all of the water being used.

The project is expected to bring in around $180,000 in added revenue, which could mean higher water bills for some customers.

"For those that see an increase, it's only gonna be a slight increase. A couple of percent. And this is gonna assist us in keeping our rates low and to assist us from having to raise rates," said Harper.

Electrical engineering company Siemens is carrying out the project. Officials plan on paying for it with the additional revenue over a 15 year period.


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